The Albanian Christian Democratic Party Of kosovo


20.05.2013        Pristina


The unfit approach of the actual power towards the essential problems of Kosovo, and also the weak approach and without any results towards the International Community, brings anti-Kosovo consequences. While the entire European places enjoy's right to move back and forth, Kosovo remains a ghetto, initially as the result of this kind of anti-Kosovo politics. These consequences are obvious where the entire villages are descending:depopulation of the villages then depopulation of the other areas, as the result of the economic situation.
The economic crisis is increasing among the poor population of Kosovo and is spreading increasingly to more social levels, especially in some areas, which are not under the care of the state 14 years from now. The government is acting like nothing has happened. The government that have replaced each other, it looks like were the ones weakening and constantly decreasing the level of the living, deepening into the poverty and causing a social and economic destruction, causing the a chaos into the Courts , employment in the institutions, police institutions, courts and trials on family basis instead of being employed based on the professional merits, therefore in this case the government in power is being successful. And then, there is a question is: Whom serves politics in force, whose interests are being defended?
If these privileges of major politicians, have full mouth every day that we are a European country, we want integration in Europe, then what is to be done to prepare for integration? What is being done to the economy, as much as we have it, to achieve tomorrow to integrate in these trends? It is known that the tomorrow's use of EU funds for integration, and requires knowledge, skills and proficiency.
How can they take full responsibility for this type of integration, while are unable to guarantee the preservation of sustainable development? To see yourself tomorrow, let's see how is the situation today of those countries that fail to extend the responsibility for their country. It is even worse when after bombastic words, someone also stated: "we can not do anything" to spread defeatism in mass. Opposition in Parliament is not putting a pressure to change the situation for the benefit of citizens, is living in a cozy position, irresponsible, while Kosovo suffers the consequences.
People, whether they are even more fanatical, begin to lose confidence in such political parties, and conscientious citizens are being concerned with the right, where this road leads? So it is a situation in which no one can remain indifferent, although power is indifferent to these situations and does not treat them with the required responsibility.
The next step should do the citizens: to identify and reject all those who oppress the political scene of national and democratic Kosovo which have been directly engaged against the common good of the citizens. We are confident that our citizenry is already aware in this regard.
PSHDK will stand on the side of citizens, will propel its potential for coalitions or mergers with those forces who put in the foreground legitimate national goals and interests, shall endeavor to provide appropriate strategy to out of this intolerable state of the current crisis, created by the political forces that have accumulated a lot of power, privilege, irresponsibility and mismanagement by the state and institutions personalized alarming proportions.
One can observe a move from position to allegedly interested in cooperation with others, but those interests have nothing to do with the emerging of this situation, but once again provided privileges, corrupt and irresponsible actions. PSHDK factor can not be irresponsible and cooperation with the forces that have created this situation. We will continue to hope dinamizojmë especially youth, to come boldly before those who do not want change the situation, to prevent integration with demagoguery, and the realization of the right of movement. Programs PSHDK wants real political, economic, cultural, political, new perceptions, build jointly with others a sound platform for national interests, the development of Kosovo and for steps to be taken in future integrations. If the current political leaders care about their people, it is best not to relate that much with their seat of power, to waive it and allow citizens to unite around a of healthy democratic program of Kosovo.

Dr.Ukë Berisha, President of PSHDK

Europe Day, to unify us spiritually with the West

09.05.2013      Pristina

Europe Day is a good time for us to reflect, where we are as a country on the path of integration.

On this important day for all of Europe, we once again bring back the memory of past Albanian Calvary and restoring our nation in Europe, after many centuries abroad. Now, when aspiration for integration is closer than ever, all institutions of the country, citizens, media and intellectuals, must accumulate all the positive forces that move with a clear conscience towards our nation in the Western Family, where the we always belong to.
Kosovo has achieved its goals of freedom and independence only thanks to the close cooperation and continuous with the West. So even today, with all our potentials that we have, we put ourselves at the service of the realization of an aspiration to permanently life in the United Europe, because it relates to our existence. 
The integration of our country in the EU, it directly depends from our willingness to approximate the Kosovo institutions in all aspects of the EU. Therefore, it is good time to reduce unnecessary dose of rhetoric and commence of doings with a will, conviction and commitment, that next year, our country make a significant step on the path of integration into the European family. For this, stable political institutions are required, functioning of the democracy, a sound political communication , good and democratic elections, an independent judicial, free media and freedom for the all citizens. 
Meeting the standards required by the EU, is in favor of our country, of its present times and especially the future of Kosovo. On this day, ACDP estimates that Kosovo is still far from the ultimate goal of integration, but we dare not in no way, for this to cast the blame elsewhere. No one else can trip more in this way, besides the irresponsibility of our institutions. European integration path is a path we need to follow with the utmost seriousness and dedication. The political class in the country, these years did not demonstrate seriousness in this regard. Because of this, the Albanian Christian Democratic Party of Kosovo, is deeply concerned about the delays in goals for joining the EU. 
Local political class must urgently move from rhetoric to practice and meets the standards required by the EU, which are for all countries and for the benefit of all countries. We valued that path of the integration, no one can impede more than the ones that are voluntary or involuntary oriented against the West. 
The Albanian Christian Democratic Party of Kosovo (PSHDK), with the all respect, remembers the fathers of the united Europe, and Europeans who had set the great foundations of Europe in peace, freedom and united. Ideally, they were devoted Christian Democrats, that held the torches of the unifying ideas the ones that we all inherited today.

Dr. Uke Berisha , the President of Albanian Christian Democratic Party of Kosova

Press release 28.02.2013
PSHDK opposes history change

With deep displeasure, the Albanian Demo-Christian Party of Kosova (PSHDK) has analyzed the recent statements of officials that wrongfully aim to change history. The acts of this dangerous game, are manipulated by bias and non-transparency, therefore we express our strong determination to reject any changes that may be applied to our school writings as a result of this anti-national and deceitful method.
Historical alterations, by Turkish experts that ignore unlimited historical facts, are absolutely unacceptable. Therefore, we appeal to the government to strongly reconsider this arbitrary decision and to discontinue playing with our past, because this touches the core of the Albanian nation and endangers national internal cohesion. Every attempt to alter our history, is dangerous and a precedent to unforeseen results within the country, since a history written by Turkish experts, cannot be a legitimate history of Kosova, but a mere political interest of the Democratic Party of Kosova and their allies, that make up a government of minorities and do not represent the interests of the Albanian population of Kosova.
This government , that lost its moral and political legitimacy, known worldwide for consecutive scandals and a deep lack of transparency, interferes with our national history, by fulfilling Turkish demands. This government, that continually shows irresponsibility, is toying with the Albanian past, via unscientific actions.
These flagrant interventions, are bad omens, that predict major censorships of our history and culture.
PSHDK’s stance in this matter is that our history cannot be written by Turks who’s only intent is to improve the image of the Ottoman Empire. We reiterate, that this Empire is known worldwide to have brought only crimes, violence, robberies and retrogression upon Albanians, hence we can’t change and dispute facts.
Again, any change in our history, affects the core of our nation, therefore we must not fragmentize but we must preserve the tolerance and the internal cohesion of our nation. Arbitrary decisions, are a dark precursor for our nation and the responsible government shall be held accountable for its actions because they do not represent the interests of Kosova.
We would like to remind this government that in democratic countries, governments do not write their history and much less alter their history. Only in totalitarian countries, do governments intervene this bluntly and deceptively. A government, that allows itself to call upon Turkish experts in order to write its history, shows its immaturity and total irresponsibility towards the children the fabricated school-books will be served upon, and towards history. A government cannot determine the content of school books and the manner in which they are written. Any interventions are classified unacceptable and for us it signifies a deliberate tendency to bend the truth and falsify history in favor of Turkey, the country that is applying an unprecedented cultural aggression towards our Nation’s history.
We conclude that aspiration toward western integration, will result in unpredictable outcomes because of these actions.

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