History of PSHDK

The Historical of  PSHDK


  1. The beginnings of the demochristian within Albanians


The beginnings of the Christian Democratic Party begins with the years before the creation of the Albanian state. The Start of it was the political grouping of the “The time of the Mountains”, created under the direction of Luigj Gurakuqi in Scodra. On February 17, of 1945, was created the organization "Albanian Union", on top of which was elected Pater Gjon Shllaku.

Democratic Party, for the first time, with this label, was created on April 27, of 1945, under the leadership of Metropolitan Archbishop Monsignor Gasper Thaçi. In this meeting, were elected the leaders of the Demo-Christians: For president, was elected Monsignor Gasper Thaçi, while Vice president Father Anton Arapi and Monsignor Vincens Prenushi. The Demo-christian Party, at this time was the only political party that shared the same program and the same political vision with great Demo-christian family and the European democrats. Because of the political mission of the Christian Democratic Party, all the founders,the leaders and supporters of the Christian Democratic movement were persecuted, arrested, persecuted and punished harshly by the Communist regime.


2. The beginnings of the Demo-Christians in Kosovo.


45 years after the formation of the Christian Democratic Party in Shkodra, so, full 22 years before we started holding meetings and consultations to form the PSHDK in Kosovo. Mainly, the meetings were held in "Colegium Cantorum". It was a great dilemma as would be expected in the opinion for this Demo-christian Party. Many meetings were held with the intellectuals, most of whom were in favor of formation, but there were also voices that were refraining in those moments. After many meetings that were held Prof. dr. Gjergj Rrapi was elected for the Council Chairman of the initiative and then we began with the intensive preparations so, in November 4 of 1990, in Gjakovica was held the Assembly of the election.

Establishing of the PSHDK was time requirement, having political motives but particular motives were the national ones.

In the history of political pluralism in Kosovo after the establishment of PSHDK on 4 November 1990 will be recognized as a major event. It was formed only a few months after the formation of the LDK. Formed as a National Albanian party with principles, values??, and goals and tendency for European civilization, the party found its support in the values??, virtues, historical tradition, culture, literature, civilization, spirituality and the Albanian national, which makes her potential to become a party of: tolerance, peace, truth, sincerity, dialogue, mutual respect, honesty, national reconciliation and understanding, of mutual aid and solidarity, human freedom, civil, political and national.

PSHDK is a national party of the center-right philosophy is born of millennia of Albanian invincible resistance to genuine spiritual freedom, liberty as a precondition of national resistance which has always been against national hordes, either Turkish,  or Slavic. And in this journey, its orientation is clearly defined Kosovo as an independent, democratic and integrated into international mechanisms. It is well known that Western Europe's Christian Democratic parties are not in any way religious parties, but it is known that is a system based on political values ??that holds the democratic Christian tradition.

PSHDK party is aimed at the development of a democratic Kosovo and integrated into Euro-Atlantic structures. It is based on the values ??and principles that have created the and developed Albanian nation over the centuries, the rich tradition of Albanians, high values ??and virtues that created by Albanians and inherited generation to generation.


3. The Journey of PSHDK in Kosovo


The perennial coalition of the PSHDK-LDK, was based and supported on human values ??and based on the valid national political philosophy of man, and by the architect of the modern sovereign state of Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova and his most loyal man postdoctoral Mark Krasniqi. This coalition managed to become the partner of sister parties in Europe, especially in Switzerland with the CVP, and with CDU in Germany and other Christian Democratic parties of the popular and powerful influence on the promotion of the Kosovo issue at the highest levels of diplomacy of Western Europe. This coalition managed to internationalize the Kosovo issue worldwide and provide support to the most powerful world democracy, primarily the United States and the major countries of the EU.

During these 22 years, PSHDK took part in all processes of Kosovo moving forward, in all the achievements so far and in all segments of life of our people. PSHDK has focused its political scope, inside and outside Kosovo, in the national and international level, for freedom, for democracy and the independence of Kosovo.

The PSHDK along with the LDK has instituted a parallel state of Kosovo and was the second parliamentary force before the 1999 war in Kosovo. In the elections of  May 22 of 1992 was represented  by six deputies for the Assembly and the President of Kosovo, and in the 1998 elections in the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo had 12 Deputies.

Holding of the USHDK Congress on 2 December 1995 in Tirana, which by the press of the time was described  as the second Prizren League, where for the first time had realized the political unification of the Albanian territories. It was attended by representatives from Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, from Montenegro and Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania and across the Diaspora. The Organizing and financing the USHDK was made ??by the PSHDK.

With the help of PSHDK its President Ak. Mark Krasniqi has realized the  life dream to bring Skanderbeg in Prishtina which  today breathes more freely with our national hero, same as  Rome and Brussels breathe , London and Geneva, and same as Kruja and Tirana it breathes.

Our journey with  PSHDK was very long, our work at certain stages was excellent, and with the  members we were the second subject  after LDK , but had breakdowns also, especially during the last elections where for the first time we remained outside of the parliament.

PSHDK, as the party of tradition, is the party spirit and the European aspiration, as a party that has a symbol and its importance to society and the political system in Kosovo. We are and will remain a respected force, not because of age but because we are always looking for change and a new reality. We intend to consolidate all the positive achievements of these 22 years, which are overall owned by the Albanian society.

4. The recovery of PSHDK from the last Assembly


Demochristians know very well what it means to lead a dignified  small political force in these areas, the only one in Kosovo who shares the same vision and political program with Christian-democrats of great European family. 22 years of existence of the PSHDK are not few historical and European movement that begins with the great Father Gjegj Fishta, followed by Father Gjon Shllaku and survives tortures and communist dictatorship, with the Father Zef Pllumi.


PSHDK for sure will remain a guarantee of our future European. This conviction the demo-christians are supporting on the ideals that have joined on 4 November 1990 when PSHDK was created . PSHDK has embraced those ideals for which we exist, which are not as changeable today and in the future for a European Kosovo, for a Kosovo as the whole Europe.


For the demo-christians, the engagement in politics was a mision. Demo-christians are proud that we gave assistance to Kosovo's independence and its progress.


The PSHDK will build good relations with all entities that operating in Kosovo, especially the right-wing ones and we will be the locomotives to draw Kosovo towards Euro-Atlantic structures.


5. PSHDK  important subject, bridge that connects Kosovo with Europe


PSHDK is a political subject that has past though two decades. It has always been a political entity that carried the weight of its political and national  responsibility. Having traveled with the other political parties, PSHDK has been and is a very important subject, because it is the bridge that links  Europe and Kosovo. PSHDK is proud of the contribution that has given to enlighten this nation.