The Albanian Demo Christian Party of Kosovo is a national and center-right political party, established in order to realize the goals and tasks of the program and its statute.



Name of this party is: The Albanian Demo Christian Party of Kosovo, (hereinafter as PSHDK), established on: 04.11.1990 in Gjakove, and the headquarters of the PSHDK is in the capitol of Kosovo, in Pristina. No other political Party or any organization can or may be registered under this same name, except this one. which was originally registered in the Register of Political Parties of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kosovo, with ordinal protocol number 001/92 on the date of 02.05.1992, and confirmed on the OSCE  register in Pristina, on the date of 21.08.2000 with the ordinal protocol number 100-0800, pursuant to the Regulation of 2000/16.



The PSHDK is with the Western European orientation, whose program is based on the preservation of tradition and cultural heritage values ??of the Albanian people.

The PSHDK, adopts and implements European standards and it sees the Future of Kosovo in the democratic European integration.



The PSHDK acts in the Kosovo territory.

PSHDK acts abroad, in compliance with the Rules, which the leadership of PSHDK, proposed for the approval of the Central Council of the PSHDK.



PSHDK is represented by the president and the body that is authorized by the president.



PSHDK has its own emblem, seal and flag.

Emblem and flag have the shape of quadrilateral space with blue background, in the center of which is the national symbol, the double-headed eagle with open wings, black color, red background, surrounded by 12 yellow stars, the number of members of the European Union in the time of establishment of the PSHDK, in the four corners of the symbol which are the initials of the name of the Party, starting clockwise from 9 o'clock. PSHDK has its bank account.



PSHDK will cooperate with the European Demo Christian Union, with the International of the Demo Christian World and other political associations and international democratic parliamentary.



Member of the PSHDK can be any individual citizen, who has reached 18 years of age, who declares that he accepts the goals and obligations arising from the program and statute of PSHDK, respectively 16 years to join the Forum branches of the ,Albanian Christian Democratic Youth. PSHDK member who owns the card of the Party must pay for the membership.

Appearance and content of the membership card and the amount of the annual membership payment, will be determined by the Central Council Presidency proposal of the PSHDK. The PSHDK member can terminate the membership in the party, after his statement in writing or orally that he did not want to be a member any further.

An eventual punishment  the President of PSHDK presents it in the Presidency or the Presidency in consultation with the Presidency of the Community of the branches, the decision will be taken by the majority of votes at meetings of the Presidency when the forum is reached. An appeal against this measure, addresses the PSHDK Assembly, through the Secretary of the Presidency, within 30 days from the date of the decision is received.





The PSHDK bodies are: the Assembly, the President of the Party, the Presidency, the Central Council, and the Presidency of the community branches, branches and the Councils of the Party.


Article 10


PSHDK Assembly, as the highest body of the Party shall have the following powers: - makes the program and statutes of PSHDK,

- Elects and dismisses the President of PSHDK - elects and dismisses the Presidency of PSHDK - Approves the Statute and Program of PSHDK, President of PSHDK it presents to the Assembly the members of Presidium, taking into account the proposals of Communities of branches. Chairmanship, of more candidates than elected, elected by the Assembly by the secret ballot or by the acclamation, as declared by the Assembly. Presidium member may propose any member of the party who lives and works in Kosovo. Heads of Branches PSHDK Communities in the Diaspora can be members of the Presidency of PSHDK, and their absence in the meetings of the Presidency is not counted in the quorum, at the same time, they directly are the Delegates of the PSHDK Assembly. The Assembly of the PSHDK decides on the registration, cancellation, merging or the fusion of the PSHDK with any other Albanian political party in Kosovo, as well as quench of the Party, by the ¾ of votes of the Delegates of the Assembly of PSHDK. Assembly shall consider and approve, Program of the Labor and Financial  Report and the Final Account of PSHDK. Assembly considers and takes appropriate decisions regarding complaints of members against whom punitive measures were imposed. Assembly takes other decisions also, according to the Regulation for the work of the Assembly.


Article 11

Meeting of the Assembly of Labor, the Assembly of the regular and extraordinary Assembly election is called by the President or the Presidency or the Central Council of PSHDK. President or Presidency, or the Central Council, calls out of the ordinary Assembly and upon request, to justify in writing and signed by at least 1/3 (one third) of the delegates to the Assembly of PSHDK who sign their request.

Meeting of the PSHDK Parliament, will be lead by the head of the Party, and in its absence, one of the Vice Presidents will hold it, the Secretary, or a person designated by the President or Presidency of PSHDK.

The Assembly holds regular sessions in principle, once a year, while the Assembly elections meeting, every 2-4 years. If necessary, may be called in the Extraordinary Assembly. Candidates for deputy of the Parliament of Kosovo are proposed by the Presidency of the Party, taking into account the proposals coming from the community of the branches and the Central Council of the PSHDK, while candidates for the Municipal Assemblies are elected by the communities in the respective branches, in consultation with the Central Presidency.


Article 12

Assembly of PSHDK is composed of delegates elected at the assemblies of branches and communities of branches in Kosovo and the Diaspora with a two-year, and four-year term, and members of the Presidency of PSHDK, with the possibility of re-election.

The number of delegates is determined by the Presidency of PSHDK, it proposes to the Central Council and after the conclusion is reached, and then the Presidency prepares the official complete material for the Assembly of PSHDK. Assembly delegates are nominated by the branches of PSHDK, Presidium of the Association of branches, according to the total number of delegates, elects its candidates and shall propose to the Central Assembly Presidency.

This rule applies to branches in the Diaspora communities.

Criteria for the selection of delegates to the Assembly of PSHDK, is determined by Presidency of the PSHDK's special decision, primarily based on the number of branches in the municipality, but above all, respecting the territorial principle.


Article 13

Assembly tasks of PSHDK

Assembly of PSHDK works with the full powerful way, if it has half of the quorum, plus 1 delegate, from the number of elected delegates.

Assembly decisions are taken by majority vote of the delegates present at the Assembly.

President PSHDK is elected and dismissed by the Assembly of PSHDK.

Candidate or candidates for President of PSHDK is / are required to present his / their candidacy for President of PSHDK, 30 days prior to the Assembly, in writing to the presidency of the CB-PSHDK, attaching the Program (dynamic) work plan specified deadlines during the four-year mandate, which the Presidency of CB-PSHDK, proposes to the Central Presidency for the electoral Assembly of PSHDK.


Candidate or candidates nominated for President of PSHDK, as above, is required, prior to voting, be presented to the Assembly of PSHDK.

President of PSHDK may be elected if received more than 50% of the votes of the delegates present at the Assembly.

If the first-round has not won a majority of votes, the two candidates who received the majority of the votes, enter the second round and the candidate who receives the most number of the votes may be elected.

The President is elected for a term of two to four years, with the right to re-election.

Assembly selects and determines the number of members of the Presidency of PSHDK.

According to the Statute, the Presidency of PSHDK consists of 21 members.

The presidency is elected for a term to four years and has rights for re-election.


Article 14

Presidency of PSHDK

Presidency of PSHDK is the highest executive body of PSDHK, which acts between two electoral assemblies. Presidency shall determine the number of members of the vice-presidents.

With the proposal of the President, the Presidency elects its next 2-3 vice-Presidents, secretary, spokesman and the cashier, by secret ballot or by acclamation.

Spokesman and the cashier may be present during the meetings but have no rights to vote.

In the work of the Presidency, as appropriate, may participate other persons, who are members of the party, but without the right to vote.

Presidency meetings may be held if it is present most of the members of the Presidency, and the decisions of the Presidency approved by a majority vote of the members present, unless this is not defined otherwise by the Statute.

Board implements the decisions of the Assembly, shall consider and decide on fundamental political issues, except those of the scope of the Assembly and the Central Council, pursuant to this Statute.

Presidency proposes the Central Council for decisions on fundamental issues of PSHDK.


Central Council Presidency proposes the pre-election strategy of the party.

Presidency proposes the strategy to the Central Council, in cases of possible coalitions before and after the election.

Presidency proposal of the President appoints and dismisses: spokesman and cashier of PSHDK. From among its Presidency, they choose professional councils and their presidents.

Council of presidents nominates its board members, appointed by the Presidency. Presidency at least once a month, meets with the heads of the branches. President of the Presidency, coordinates the work of the Central Council and at least once in every six months convene the meeting, the meeting is mandatory participation of the leadership.

President defines, manages and coordinates the activities of the party at all levels in the implementation of the attitudes and the activities of the Party, in accordance with this Statute. Reviews and decides on daily chores and managing of the financial and material business of the Party.

Presidency of PSHDK, is acting under the Regulation which adopts itself, but always in conformity with the Statute of the party.

Presidency drafts a report of the work and it proposes to the Central Council, a month before carrying out the PSHDK Assembly, which then be fully processed and detailed submitting it to the Assembly of the Party.

President, together with the Presidency prepares the Assembly of the PSHDK.

In exceptional cases, Presidency performs preparatory work for holding the Assembly which shall notify the Assembly in the tremendous session, in accordance with Article 15 of the Statute.

Presidency shall take decisions with a positive statement of the majority of members, present at the meeting.

Decisions are taken by acclamation or by secret ballot.

The mandate of the members of the Presidency lasts 2-4 years, with the possibility of re-election.

The Chairman of the PSHDK, Youth Forum and Women's Forum, are members of the Central Presidency by function.

Chairman and Members of the Presidency of PSHDK and Vice Presidents and Secretary of the CB-PSHDK, pursuant to the statute, have rights to the monthly  material compensation, according to regulations approved by the Presidency of PSHDK for their party.

Presidency, based on the rules of the procedure adopted by the party's executive body, provides material costs for all offices and official activities, Communities Branches of the PSHDK, who acted actively in the Republic of Kosovo.

Member of the presidium may cease to function, even before the expiration of the term provided in the following cases: - with his resignation in writing or verbally - due to involvement in other activities that we make it impossible to carry rule function of a member of the Presidency - due to changing residing-dwelling which makes it impossible to perform the function of regular working party - due to the lack of unjustified, which sets the term Presidency, Regulation of the work of the Presidency. - Due to the lack of implementation of tasks which assigns Presidency - because of his attitudes and actions that contradict the opinions and policy of the party and the Presidency - because of serious violations of the Statute and Program PSHDK and,

- Due to serious illness.


Article 15
Party Chairman is the highest authority of the Party after the Assembly, which has special rights and responsibilities for the maintenance of the Party. intervenes in all the decisions and attitudes of all organs of the Party when they do not comply with the Statute, program decisions and attitudes of the Assembly and the Presidency of PSHDK,
-President of the PSHDK, represents this party inside and outside of the country.
-President authorizes persons, delegation groups of the Party, meetings, work visits inside and outside of the country, in conformity with Article 5 of the Statute, decides and manages meetings of the Assembly, the Presidency and the Central Council,
-signs all the decisions and acts of the PSHDK,
-authorizes the vice-presidents, secretary, spokesman and cashier, for work in his competency, under this Statute.

-The President, with the written authorization appoints the Vice- President, that in his name represents the Party, for its work in conformity with the authorization of the president officially,

- In case of the absence and of the physical, time and health barrier, President of PSHDK will be replaced, by the senior authorized in writing,

- In case of serious illness, death or resignation of the President, it will be replaced by the First Vice President, and he has the mandate until the extraordinary assembly.

-Decision to hold extraordinary Assembly determines the Central Council, with the proposal of the Presidency that PSHDK, within 30 days, in which Assembly will be elected the President of PSHDK.


Article 16

In case of applying the provisions of Article 14 and 15, the Presidency makes the co-optation of a new member of the Presidency. The number of co-opted members in the Presidency can not be greater than 1/4 (a quarter) of its members. Co-optation of the newest member of the leadership is done amongst the CB-PSHDK which the Union proposes substitutes, while the leadership of PSHDK approves the decision.


Article 17

The mandate of co-opted members between the two Assemblies lasts until the first Assembly election, with the possibility of re-election.


Article 18

New candidate for Presidency member, proposed by the President of PSHDK, after consulting with the Association of the respective branches of the PSHDK, which selects the Presidency by the majority vote.

Article 19

With the authorization of the President, every member of the Presidency of the Association of branches may represent the Party at inside and abroad for a specific job, in accordance with the Article 15. Such authorization must be in writing and detailed.


Article 20


Coordinates the work of the Presidency, the Parliament, the Central Council, and Councils of PSHDK - runs all the administrative affairs of the PSHDK - signs and does the protocol acts of the PSHDK of its jurisdiction, accepts files of documents sent to the Presidency, - preserves and completes the administration and party archive, - manage the administrative staff PSHDK - performs other duties of the Presidency of interest of its powers, - bears the stamp of the Party and the responsibility for the use thanks. - This applies to Community secretaries of branches.


Article 21

Central Council of the PSHDK

The Central Council of the PSHDK is the supervisory body of the PSHDK’s Presidency, which is elected by the Election Assembly of the PSHDK. Central Council consists of 53 members. It is constituted by the 21 members of the PSHDK  Presidency -, heads of CB, in their absence, one of the vice-chairman or secretary of the chairmanships of the Board of PSHDK, Youth Forum and the Women's Forum  of the PSHDK and other members of the proposed by the CB of the PSHDK's presidency. All these are elected at the Presidium, Presidium branches, and the community branches, confirmed in the Central Presidency and approved by the Election Assembly of PSHDK. A meeting of the Central Council appoints Chairman PSHDK, in his absence, one of the Vice Presidents, who is authorized in writing regularly once in six months, based on the circumstances created extraordinary meeting. Extraordinary meeting of the Central Council may be held at the written request of a majority of the members of the Central Council (51%), addressed to the President of PSHDK and Central Presidency.


-Central Council, analyzes the work of the board and recommends different alternative to the advancement of the various tasks and activities of the party, in accordance with the Statute and political program PSHDK,


-cares and implements of the decisions of the Assembly by the Presidency and the decisions of the Presidency that PSHDK


-determines the proposal to supplement and amend the Statute and Program and submits that the Presidency of the Assembly of PSHDK approved,


-determines the amount of payment of the members of the Party for each calendar year,


-is authorized to make the change-fulfillment of the provisions of the Statute, if the amendment and supplementation is necessary according to the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and applicable Laws which are in force,


-notified by the Board of PSHDK for all financial and material means, whether in the form of donations, those from the state, or by other forms of her creativity within the calendar year,



-Central Council meetings may be held if the majority of the members of this body of the party is present, and the Council's decisions are valid if approved by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting.


-Central Council has the right to salaries, official party meetings, regulated by the Regulation of the PSHDK Presidency.


-Central Council operates under the Statute that was approved by the Assembly of PSHDK.


The Central Electoral Assembly elected by PSHDK and is elected two-and four-year term, with the possibility of re-election.


Article 22


The PSHDK advices are: 1. Legal Statutory Affairs Council 2. Council for financial and economic issues, 3. Council for Education, Science and Culture, Youth and Sport, 4. Council health and social policy issues, 5. Council for agriculture and rural development issues, 6. Council on Energy, Environmental Protection and Ecology, 7. Defense and Security Council, 8. Council of Political Affairs of the cadres, 9. Council for information and propaganda, 10. Council on Foreign Relations. Presidency of PSHDK can add or reduce the number of councils as needed.


Article 23

Each of PSHDK Council composed of the President of the Council and Council Member 2-4 composition of the Central Council of elected Presidency PSHDK the proposal of the Chairman of the relevant council.

In the absence of the President, the meeting of the Council will be held by the member designated by the Council.

Scope of the Council shall be regulated by special acts which are approved by the Board of PSHDK.


Article 24


- Sub-branches - branches -Community branches - Youth Forum of the PSHDK - Women's Forum of the PSHDK. Organizational forms of the Party are: Sub Branches, branches which are operating and operating in assigned territory.

- Sub-branch consists of at least 26 members of the PSHDK, and branch of 51 members in Kosovo, and 26 members in the Diaspora.


Branch Assembly elects the Presidency by secret ballot or by acclamation.


Number of members of the Presidency of the branches, determines its branch Presidency.


Presidency of the branch from among its members appoints a president, vice-president, secretary, cashier and branch council’s leaders.


All elected leaders have 2-4 year term, with the possibility of reelection.


Branch councils Interact and are in cooperation with the Presidency of the Board of PSHDK.


Presidency can form new sub-branch in agreement with the Presidency of the Community of branches.



Article 25


A Community of branches can have at least three (3) branches in an administrative unit (municipality) community branch is composed of leading members of the branches or representatives appointed by the Presidium of the branches.


Presidency of the CB-PSHDK can have at least 7 members and a maximum of 15 members of the Presidency of CB-PSHDK .This number can be changed, depending on the number of branches in the assigned territory. The highest body of CB is the Assembly that's held once every two to four years.


The CB Assembly may be held as necessary, by the decision of the Central Presidium, after the consultation with the Central Council.


Assembly of the Communion of branches elects the Presidency of the Board of PSHDK.


The Chairman of CB, will be elected the candidate, who has received the majority of votes of the delegates present at the Assembly, while the Presidency upon the proposal of the President, CB of the PSHDK, elect from among its 3 Vice Presidents, Secretary and the cashier. Chairmanship of the Board of PSHDK elects delegates to the Assembly of PSHDK, proposed by the Assemblies of the branches. While the Presidency of Youth Forum and Women's Forum, proposes candidates for Delegate Assembly PSHDK at Municipality level in the Presidency of the CB to PSHDK, respectively in Central Presidency, for the PSHDK Delegates.


In a municipality can exist only one Community branch of PSHDK, a Youth Forum and a Women's Forum.


In a municipality, where there is no Community of the PSHDK branches,  merge into the nearest municipality where there are these Community branches.


CB councils are linked to the Presidency of the PSHDK Councils, for a better coordination of their work.


Community Branches of the PSHDK, has the seal with the PSHDK emblem on it, and Youth Forum and the Women's Forum, can use this seal with the Presidency's authorization of the CB of PSHDK, respectively with Central Presidency of the PSHDK.

Presidency of the Community of branches, of the Party, if necessary, helps the  activity of the Youth Forum and  Women's Forum, and vice versa.


Leaders of these forums are members of the Board of the PSHDK Presidency, and in the absence of the President, Vice-President of these forums, can participate in the meetings of the Association of the branches with the right to vote.


President or Vice-President of the Presidium of the CB also participates in the meetings of the Presidency of these forums, with the right to vote.

President Youth Forum and Women's Forum are members of the Central Council of the PSHDK, and a delegate in the Assembly of the PSHDK, whose number is proposed by the Presidency of the CB of the PSHDK, based on the number of members in terrain and approves the PSHDK Board.

Financial and material costs, formalized and active performance of the CB Chairmanships-PSHDK are the competence and responsibility of the Presidency that PSHDK, defined by Regulation Presidency of the PSHDK.

Presidents, Vice Presidents and Secretaries of the CB of the PSHDK, for the jobs by function, are entitled to the monthly wage set by the Regulation of the PSHDK Presidency.

Executive bodies of sub-branches, branches, Branch Community, Youth Forum and the Women's Forum are: The Assembly, Presidium and the presidents.


Article 26


The founding of the initiative, and the development of the registry of at least 51 members, and branches in the diaspora of at least 26 members.


These lists, together with the relevant minutes of the meeting, and the request for approval is sent to the Presidency of PSHDK, which makes a decision on the establishment of a branch, after consultation with the relevant BD.


In cases where the Presidency of the Community of branches does not agree with the establishment of the new Presidency of PSHDK, after reviewing the objective circumstances, takes appropriate decision.


Article 27

The PSHDK Presidency, in certain cases, when it considers necessary intervention for the maintenance of Party affairs, namely when it determines that the subsidiaries, branches or the CB act against the PSHDK Program and the Statute, and the decisions and attitudes of the Presidency of PSHDK, proposes to the Central Council, the material with the arguments and evidence to make a decision for dismissal and the announcement of their extraordinary assembly.

In similar cases, the Presidency of PSHDK, by decision taken by the Central Council, dismisses the member or the President of the Community of branches, respectively or Youth Forum Women's Forum, namely any of their members who is guilty, but always based on the arguments and evidence.

Eventual Relationships actions of the Community of branches, of the  Youth Forum or Women's Forum, with political entities, organizations and other organizations, can be made only with the consent of the Presidium of PSHDK issues and concrete work.

The activity of the subjects mentioned here, according to the Party Statute, shall be conducted only within the territory of the municipality.

The decision of the Presidency, approved by Central Council, a complaint may be filed to the PSHDK Assembly, through the Presidency of the PSHDK, within 30 days.


Article 28


PSHDK obtains its funding from compulsory membership of its members, donors, grants, contributions and other sources.


By collecting membership, the Association of branches PSHDK and Youth Forum and Women's Forum, are entitled to 30% of the amount of money collected.


The amount and terms of payment of membership and their exploitation, defines the Presidency of PSHDK with special regulations, in agreement with the Central Council.


President of the PSHDK has all the powers to sign financial acts on behalf of the Party, or an authorized in writing, or any of the authorized members of the Presidency.


Other works of the cash register performs the cashier of the Party, elected by the Board, which is charged with financial assets (cash-Petty Cash).


Article 29

Ways of providing financial resources and their use are subject to regular audit and public party verification. Presidency appoints the financial supervisory Commission and notifies the Central Council; at least one month prior to the Assembly and reports to the Assembly’s next meeting of the PSHDK.


Article 30


PSHDK ceases operating decision PSHDK Assembly in accordance with the law, when the number of membership falls below the limit prescribed by law, but even when lacking material resources for its further activity.


Article 31

In case of dismissal or termination of the Party, fortune of the PSHDK, or any discontinuance of the PSHDK activity happens, or basically if the activity it ends,  its basic tools sold by public auction and by the decision of the Assembly of PSHDK, along with other financial assets of the Party, it belongs to the Republic of Kosovo.


Article 32

Proposal to supplement or amend the Party Statute will be given by the President, the Presidency, the Central Council, the Council for Legal issues, or Presidency of the Community of Branches of the PSHDK.


Article 33

This Statute shall enter into force on the day of its approval to PSHDK Assembly and should be protocoled and signed by the President of PSHDK.


Albanian Christian Democratic Party of Kosovo, Assembly Election


Chairman of the PSHDK


Pristina, on the date of: 07-06-2008.