Name: Uke




Last name: Berisha




Date of Birth 07/01/1956




Civil status: He is married and has 4 children




Address: " Skender Rexhepi " No. 12 Kline




Tel . 044 155561 and 049 155561




E - mail










1963-1971 8 –Has finished Primary School in Ujmir




1971-1975: A year of Gymnasium in Kiev, while other three years in Kline




Vocational education




In: 1975-1981 Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Pristina




1988-1991 Two years of specialization Internal Clinic in Pristina


While two other years of specialization in Internal Medicine has finished it at the Clinical Hospital Centre " Rebro " in Zagreb





1991-1992 Postgraduate studies (sub specialization) from Hepatology and Gastroenterology  has finished it in the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb, Croatia




1998-2000 Specialization for gastroenterology, hepatology and endoscopy, at the  Clinical Center, regional hospital in Biel and Gastrohepatologist known . Ernst Müller in Biel ( Bern ) , Switzerland








1983-1988 Worked as a General health practitioner in Klina




1988-1991 Worked as a trainee in internal Clinic in Pristina and at Clinical Hospital Center apprentice of the KBC " Rebro " in Zagreb , Croatia




1992-1998 Worked Specialist internist, gastroenterologist and hepatolog at the Health Center in Kline, private clinic " Internistika " and at the SHHBK ambulance " Mother Teresa "




1998-2000 Worked at Regional Hospital Clinical Center in Biel and gastroenterologist . Ernst Müller in Switzerland




2000-2012 Owner and the lead of private polyclinic " Mediaja " in Kline




2002-2005 Director of FMC (Health  Center) " Mother Teresa " in Kline








1990-2000 was a President of the Association of Kosovo humanitarian charity “Mother Theresa ", branch in Klina




1992-2012 was a member of the Presidium of the Central PSHDK, vice president from 2006 PSHDK.




1992-2012 Chairman of the Council for Health and Social Policy in PSHDK




22/03/1998 was a Member of Parliament in Kosovo from the PSHDK side.




1992-1995 Has been an editor of magazine and the financial sponsor of  “Free Speech”



26.05.2012 was elected as a Chairman of the Albanian Christian Democratic Party of Kosovo for a mandate of four years.




Languages ??: Albanian native language, Serbo -Croatian and German

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